Bake better

The name STEINMETZ stands for German premium flour with consistently excellent baking properties. And because it’s milled from washed grain, it’s healthier than other flours. High-quality, healthy food supports well-being, enjoyment and longer life. That’s why demand for it has never been greater. So, bake better and healthier with STEINMETZ flour!


Sell better

Customers can be demanding, and outstanding baked goods made from STEINMETZ German premium flour is just the way to delight and win them over – long term! Gain a real advantage over your competition and increase sales by showing retailers and consumers that your baking goods are superior. Use the name STEINMETZ and promote your outstanding "Made in Germany" flour with its clear health benefits. We can send you everything you need to convince your customers. Don’t hesitate: Sell better with STEINMETZ flour.

Look better

Make your STEINMETZ advantages crystal clear. How? Two packaging concepts we’ve developed are available and ready to use. Distinguish yourself from the competition – and generate increased sales.

Produce and distribute – under license – baked goods from STEINMETZ’s exclusive lifestyle brand "Mother Nature".

Just a few examples of what’s possible with "Mother Nature". Feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear about your creative ideas, too!

Upgrade your own successful products with STEINMETZ’s exclusive "Healthy German Flour" seal under license.

Visible enhancement: Choose one of our seals to upvalue your products. And of course, it’s completely your choice which products you decide to enhance!

You’d like increased sales and greater success? Just contact us!

Always the best quality flour – and always healthier*!

Healthier flour

In our mills, grain is washed before milling to remove environmental contaminants and pollutants*. The advantages: improved health, higher quality and better taste – unbeatable arguments for you and your customers*.


Grown and made in Germany

Germany has perfect conditions for high-quality cereals: fertile, rich soil and an ideal climate. That's why the best-quality grains grow here. Uniquely clean and with four centuries of experience behind it, STEINMETZ is one of the best flours in Germany.


Higher quality

Greater volume, better bundles, perfect crumb and crust structure. Due to its quality and purity, STEINMETZ flour exhibits the best, most uniform baking properties. This means fluctuation-free quality and the best baking results – 365 days a year!

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Our products

Available from bakery wholesalers

STEINMETZ Wheat flours Package size

Wheat flour T. 45 25 kg
Wheat flour T. 55 25 kg
Wheat flour T. 65 25 kg

STEINMETZ Rye flours / groats Package size

Rye flour T. 997 25 kg
Rye flour T. 1150 25 kg
Rye whole grain 25 kg
Rye whole grain extra fine 25 kg
Rye whole grain fine 25 kg
Rye whole grain medium/coarse 25 kg
Rye whole grain coarse 25 kg
Rye whole grain coarse/coarse 25 kg
Rye whole grain flakes 25 kg

STEINMETZ Spelt flours Package size

Spelt flour T. 630 25 kg
Whole spelt flour 25 kg

STEINMETZ Premixes Package size

Premix wheat bread 25 kg
Premix wheat roll 25 kg
Premix rye bread 25 kg

Our services

technical advice

Good advice is always valuable. We’re there whenever you require competent support and training, with a focus on technical baking needs. And our master bakers also have some irresistible recipes on offer.

Product safety & quality management

Our products’ quality is our top priority. Product safety, complete traceability and strict controls are indispensable to our success. Consistent quality management accompanies all processes.

Important certificates

Our service for you: If you require certificates for your business or your customers, they are available on request.

International Featured Standards (IFS Food)

Quality standard of the German food retail trade for product safety as well as traceability.


Confirmation that the foods we produce have been made in accordance with Islamic religious dietary requirements and are therefore "halal".

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STEINMETZ Mehl & Brot GmbH & Co. KG
Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 22
20459 Hamburg
Tel: 040 / 380 863 490
Fax: 040 / 380 863 499

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« My name stands for a German family tradition of over 350 years and a passion for healthy food. »

*STEINMETZ grain washing removes many microorganisms and molds.

« My name stands for a German family tradition of over 350 years and a passion for healthy food. »

*STEINMETZ grain washing removes many microorganisms and molds.

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